Managing Team Members

Invite and manage team members in Semonto.

Screenshot how to add a team member in Semonto

We have added a new functionality to Semonto, allowing you to give team members access to your Semonto account without having to share your own login and password. Each member of your team will receive their own unique login and password when you add them to your account in the Team member section.

Inviting Team Members

Log into the Semonto dashboard and click on your name in the right-hand corner. In the Team members section, you will find an overview of all your team members. You can easily invite new team members by adding their email address. They will then receive an invitation containing a login and an automatically generated password that they should replace with their own after their first login. You do not have access to the passwords of your team members, but you can revoke their access at any time.

Managing Team Members

In the overview you can also see if somebody has ever used the account, whether the invitation is still pending, and when the most recent login took place.

Revoking access

You can remove a team member to revoke the access to your Semonto account. If you want to restore the access for a user you can simply invite him or her again.

Access rights

Currently all team members receive the same level of access. There is no distinction in access between the main user and the rest of the team. This is a feature we would like to finetune in the future, by adding administrator rights and read-only access.


Keep in mind that you cannot use the same email address more than once in Semonto. This means that if you want to invite someone to join your Semonto account and they already have their own Semonto account, you cannot use the same email address for both logins.