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9 ways to prepare your website for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Can your website handle the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness? With this checklist, your website is ready for a possible peak in traffic.

Jelle De Laender - modified 11 November 2022

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What is the cost of downtime?

Is your business impacted when your website is temporarily unavailable? In this article, we help you calculate your total cost of downtime.

Jelle Kalkman - 3 November 2022

Screenshot of semonto on desktop background

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What is web hosting, and why should I care?

What is hosting? Who is responsible for your hosting? And how can you measure the quality? In this article, we answer all hosting-related questions.

Jelle De Laender - 20 October 2022

Screenshot of broken link history on desktop background


NEW: Broken link timeline

We have added a chart that shows you the evolution of the number of broken links on your website in the last 30 days.

Jelle De Laender - 14 October 2022

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Use Case

An extra layer of security with HTTP response headers

We all use online services in our daily lives, for example for online shopping, filling out tax returns or checking health insurance. When we do, sensitive personal information is sent back and forth. That is why online security is so important. One easy way to increase the security of your website as a provider is to set up security headers.

Jelle Kalkman - 8 September 2022


HTTPS and TLS/SSL Monitoring Explained

Attracting new clients is more important than ever. So companies invest more in sales, SEO and marketing. But what if the visitors you attract leave your website immediately? Find out what you should be checking instead.

Jelle De Laender - 19 August 2022

Screenshot of search function in Semonto


NEW: How to create a website audit report (beta)

What if you could perform a website audit and receive the performance results in a PDF report? In this article, we'll show you how it's done.

Jelle De Laender - 17 June 2022

text when will you return on building

Use Case

Why you should care about your website’s uptime

Your uptime percentage indicates how long your website was available without any interruption. Find out in this article why you should care.

Jelle De Laender - modified 5 May 2022

Screenshot of content monitoring in Semonto

Use Case

4 more content monitoring hacks in Semonto

In our previous blog post, we showed you how Semonto can watch for certain phrases on web pages. In part 2, we give you even more time-saving hacks using this content monitoring feature.

Jelle Kalkman - 24 March 2022

Mockup of a desktop with Slack


NEW: Semonto notifications in Slack

As of today, you can receive Semonto notifications straight in your favourite Slack channel.

Jelle De Laender - 9 March 2022

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