How to enable Slack notifications

In this article, we will guide you through the steps for receiving Slack notifications from Semonto.

Screenshot of configuring Slack notification in Semonto

There are two ways to receive Semonto notifications in Slack. You either install the Semonto Slack app in your workspace or you manually provide incoming webhooks. Please note, both methods only work in a browser and not in our mobile app.

Install the Semonto Slack app

Step 1: Select the notification setting

Navigate to Notifications in Semonto and select the one for which you want to enable Slack. Just click the Add to Slack button, and you will be redirected to Slack.

Select the workspace and channel

Step 2: Select workspace and channel

You might need to log in to your workspace. If needed, select the correct workspace and select the desired channel where you want Semonto to post messages. And then allow access.

Selecting a channel in a workspace in Slack

Step 3: Repeat as many times as you want

If everything goes well, you will be redirected to Semonto and the webhook will be added. If you want, you can have Semonto post to multiple channels. Just repeat this process.

A Slack incoming webhook in Semonto

Alternative option: Create your own Slack app for incoming webhooks

Step 1: Create an app in Slack

(You only have to do this once. If you already have a webhook and want to create another one, you can go straight to step 4.)

Screenshot of creating a slack app.

Step 2: Link to your workspace

  • Give the app a name (e.g., Semonto notifications).
  • Select your Slack workspace.
Screenshot of creating a slack app.

Step 3: Allow webhooks

In the next screen,

  • Select “Incoming webhooks”.
  • Activate incoming webhooks (switch).
Screenshot of allowing webhooks in a slack app.

Step 4: Create a new webhook

  • Select “Add new webhook to workspace”.
  • You can come back later to create as many as you want. You’ll need to create one webhook per channel, but you can also make multiple webhooks per channel if you want to link multiple notification groups in Semonto to Slack.
Screenshot of adding a webhook to a slack app.

Step 5: Specify the channel

In the next screen,

  • Select the channel in which you want the notifications from Semonto to appear.
  • Click “allow”.
Screenshot of allowing webhooks in a slack app.

Step 6:  Share the link with Semonto

  • Copy the webhook URL.
  • Log into Semonto.
  • Go to Notifications.
  • Select the notification you want to trigger Slack notifications from.
  • Enable Slack notifications with the switch.
  • Go to the Slack section and paste the webhook URL.
  • Done! Your notifications will now appear in your Slack channel.
  • Download our icon for your app.
Adding Slack webhooks in Semonto.

Add as many channels as you want

  • The app will now appear in your Slack account.
  • You can configure it in more detail if you want.
  • For example to send Semonto notifications to multiple channels.

For more information, check the Slack help pages:

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