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Semonto informs you of everything that happens to your website: downtime, error messages, slow responses, even expired certificates. This way you can have issues fixed before your customers are affected.

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Some things are beyond your control. Like the weather. Or the stock market. But your website should not be one of those things. Semonto keeps you informed of everything that happens to your website: downtime, error messages, broken links, slow responses, even expired certificates. Don’t keep your fingers crossed and hope that your site will stay up. Start monitoring its performance. This way, you know that your website is as professional as you are.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to know whether your website is (or has been) down

Finally, you get to talk to that big client that you are looking to convince. So far, the conversation is going great. *What did you say the name of your company was?,* the CEO asks as he pulls out his phone. While searching for your website, his face turns from impressed to annoyed. *Your site seems to be offline.* You stumble as you try to come up with an explanation. There goes your credibility. The deal of the year has just evaporated into thin air.

You are not sure whether you have the best hosting

When you ordered your new website, you compared all the possible hosting partners. One supplier promised an uptime of 99,99%, so you went with them. Now, your site has been offline more times than you can count. But every time you tell this to your hosting company, they brush you off. They insist that your uptime percentage is perfectly normal. You are getting frustrated. How can you be sure that they are telling the truth?

You hate error messages on your website

Your biggest customer is on the phone. He sounds concerned. Did you know that your website is unsafe?, he asks. Upon his last visit to your website, a message said that attackers could be trying to steal his information. You have no idea what he is talking about. You call your web developer. He confirms that there is an issue. He forgot to renew the SSL certificate that keeps your website protected. He apologizes and assures that he can fix it. But the damage to your reputation is already done.

You don't want broken pages to affect your online sales

You have been working so hard to perfect your product or service, yet it seems like nobody is buying it. Just when you are about to give up, you find the culprit: the link to your sales page is broken. All your interested visitors have been getting an HTTP 404 message. If you had known sooner, you could have prevented your sales from plummeting.

You want your web visitors to be protected

Especially when payment transactions are involved, a secure connection is a must to protect your visitors. If you are not monitoring your website, a case of mixed content could compromise the security of your connection. This means that people with bad intentions can gain access to the information that is being exchanged, putting your visitors at risk.

Start monitoring your website with Semonto

You are immediately informed when your website is down

Semonto monitors your website 24/7. Whenever an issue occurs, you get notified immediately. This way, you are always the first to know. You can have the problem fixed before anybody notices, and you will never have to lose a deal because of it.
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You get objective data to compare hosting partners

A free uptime report is included in every Semonto subscription. Every month, you receive a clear update of how your website has performed, including your uptime percentage. This way, you can compare your uptime performance to that of others and hold your hosting company accountable if they are not reaching their targets.
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You prevent errors from occurring

SSL certificates keep your website safe, but they have expiration dates that need to be remembered. That is why companies frequently get into trouble when they forget to renew their HTTPS certificate. Semonto warns you in advance so that you can have your certificate renewed in time. So even if your web developer forgets, you can remind him in time. No more unpleasant surprises.
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You are notified of broken links immediately

When a hyperlink on your website breaks, a file or web page becomes inaccessible. If you are not monitoring your website, it could take months for you to realize that there is a problem. By then, the damage is done. Broken links negatively affect your sales, your reputation, and your SEO. Semonto frequently scans your entire website and sends you a list of all the broken links. This overview allows you to repair broken links before your revenue or SEO is affected.
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You are alerted of non-secure elements on your website

Mixed content is one of the lesser-known threats to your security. When you pull images or files from a non-secure source (over an HTTP connection), the protection provided by your HTTPS certificate gets compromised. Semonto will inform you when that happens so that you can restore the security level before any harm is done.
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