Monitor your websites and servers. Get notified when something goes wrong.

Semonto keeps an eye on your websites and servers, 24/7, and alerts you when something fails so you can feel confident that your business is up and running at all times.

Don’t let errors ruin your day

Technical problems always happen at the most inconvenient times. When they affect your website, server or app, your reputation takes a hit. Instead of doing damage control afterwards, start monitoring now. Get notified immediately of any issues affecting the availability or health of your online services. Fix problems quickly and stay professional, confident, and always in control.

You will love these features

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Get alerted immediately when your website is unreachable or slow to respond. Fix the issue before anyone else notices.

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TLS/SSL Certificate Monitoring

Monitor the validity of your SSL certificate and get alerted when there is a problem. Renew your HTTPS certificate well in advance and avoid security warnings.

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Broken Link Monitoring

A broken link is a link that results in an error message. Broken links harm the user experience and your SEO. Our monitor reports any broken links on your website, so you can fix them before anyone notices.

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Cron Job Monitoring

Monitor a server behind a firewall, a complex NAT situation or a server without an active webserver. Monitor whether periodical scripts are executed successfully.

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Port Monitoring

Port monitoring allows you to check whether a specific service, like your email or database, is still running on its designated port. If the service cannot be reached (due to traffic overload, an overactive firewall, or an issue with your proxy server) you will get notified.

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Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring allows you to look for the presence or absence of certain words or phrases on a website. You get a notification if the specified content on a website was changed or is no longer visible, either due to technical issues or by human intervention.

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Semonto is perfect for

  • Be the first to know when your website is down
  • Feel confident that your security certificates (HTTPS) are up-to-date
  • Stay continuously informed with monthly reports
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  • Get instant notifications when your webshop is down
  • Avoid security errors
  • Get objective reports about your performance
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  • Deploy with confidence
  • Keep everyone informed without lifting a finger
  • Objectively prove the quality of your service
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  • Prevent incidents and get peace of mind
  • Monitor anything with self-defined tests
  • Boost your efficiency with personalized settings
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Always stay in complete control

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Be the first to know

  • Get notified when your site is down.
  • Select how you want to be notified.
  • E-mail, SMS, voice mail, Slack, and more.
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Have access to all data

  • See exactly what happened and when.
  • Get information about the type of error.
  • Gain insight into recurring issues.
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Know your uptime

  • Get your monthly uptime percentage by mail.
  • Have objective reports about your performance.
  • Stay in complete control.

How it works

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Get started.

No need to download or install anything. Simply enter the URL you would like to monitor. Keep it simple or add additional tests and settings into the mix if you are an advanced user.
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Get notified

Semonto alerts you immediately when your site or server is slow to respond or even unresponsive. You can choose to get alerted by email, text message, push notification or Tweet.
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Get confident

By understanding the frequency and cause of downtime, you can improve your website, app or server and stay in complete control of the quality of your service.
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