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Create a beautiful PDF report to download, print or forward to your client, your manager or your development team.

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The perfect website audit

All the data that Semonto gathers about the performance of your website can be downloaded at any time as a clean monthly PDF report. Generate it with the click of a button and get all parameters at a glance in a beautiful document.

What it looks like

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The audit report shows you:

  • your monthly uptime percentage
  • the number of broken links and their location
  • any identified security issues (like mixed content)
  • the number of incidents and how long they lasted
  • the number of errors

What you can use it for

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Impress your clients

Whether you are a web developer offering a website maintenance package or an SEO agency that tracks and improves technical SEO performance, sending out a monthly status report is a great way to keep clients informed, showcase your expertise, and demonstrate your value.

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Put your website team to work

Semonto continuously monitors your website and informs you of any known incidents. An objective report helps the person in charge of maintaining your website to address the issues quickly. Forward the report to your marketeer or web developer, so they know what to do.

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Improve your website

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a marketeer in a corporate company, tracking the performance of your website is always a good idea. Printing out a monthly report helps you track your progress over time and identify problems. Oh, and feel free to use it to impress your boss.

How it works

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Select the website

In the list of websites you are monitoring with Semonto, select the one you would like to create a PDF report for.

Select the period

Select the month and year you would like to generate the report for. Also, specify the level of detail you want to see.

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Get the report

Then simply hit ‘download’ and the report will be generated on the spot, ready for you to download, print, forward and save.

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