Semonto's PulseChecks help you monitor whether periodical scripts are being executed successfully. The checks also enable you to keep an eye on a server behind a firewall, a complex NAT situation or a server without an active webserver. Instead of calling and testing your server, your server will ping Semonto frequently. If we don't receive a pulse on time, we will send you a notification. Simple and efficient. Ideal for database servers.

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Detect silent failure

Maybe your server is behind a firewall or has no active or exposed webserver, which makes traditional monitoring impossible. Then nobody will know if something goes wrong. Our PulseChecks turn the process around. Instead of monitoring incidents, we monitor the lack of activity. If we do not receive a timely proof of life, you get alerted. This way you can detect silent failure that would otherwise remain unnoticed. You can fix the issue before it can turn into a problem.

What you can use it for

Heartbeat monitoring

  • Make sure that your database servers are still up.
  • Check whether your IoT devices are still operational.

Execution monitoring

  • Get notified whenever your database scripts did not run properly.
  • Rest assured that all your cron jobs were completed.
  • Know if your database or filesystem backup ran successfully.
  • Find out if your business data import and synchronization were executed.
  • Get alerted if your scheduled task did not go through.
  • Make sure that you get a timely SSL renewal.
  • Verify that your antivirus scan is still working.
  • Check whether dynamic DNS updates were performed.

Duration monitoring

  • Make sure that a certain job was completed within the desired time frame.

Get started in minutes

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Get started

Create a PulseCheck in Semonto Supervisor. For each PulseCheck Semonto generates a unique URL that your server or script needs to call.

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Get notified

Make sure your server or periodical script pings Semonto on time, by calling the URL. Once Semonto has received the first pulse of your server, the PulseCheck is activated. If Semonto does not receive a time before the given timeout, we will alert you.

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Get peace of mind

You can now rest assured that tasks are being performed, scripts are running and backups are being made. If not, you would have heard by now. So relax and enjoy the peace of mind.

Make use of these smart possibilities

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Easy configuration

PulseChecks are easy to configure in Semonto Supervisor, the web interface for Semonto. Here you can set the desired time out and define how you would like to be alerted.

Multiple test locations

In order to deliver a high reliability and to reduce latency, we provide multiple servers at different locations to monitor the PulseChecks to offer you the best service

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Get IP address

Semonto shows you the IP address of which the last pulse has been sent. This can be useful to retrieve the IP address of a device when it has unexpectedly changed.

Many ways to get notified

Choose whether you want to receive alerts via email, Push Notifications, text messages or Twitter. We also have web hooks available so you can integrate the alerts into your current workflow.

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