Custom Server Tests

In Semonto, you can easily create custom tests to safely monitor any server parameter you want, even those that are usually not externally accessible for security reasons.

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Take monitoring to the next level

Your situation is unique, and so are your server monitoring needs. That is why we have created a Custom Check feature in Semonto. This allows more advanced users to create customized tests. With our agentless monitoring, you can safely check parameters that usually cannot be accessed externally for security reasons.

What you can monitor

Technical aspects of your server

  • Disk Space
  • Load Average
  • Memory Usage
  • Current Server Load
  • Server Temperature
  • Hard Drive Health

Database and activity

  • Basic SQL Queries
  • Last Sync
  • Last Activity

Your own software

  • Queues
  • Running Processes
  • Job Execution Time
  • Anything you can dream of...

What makes it special

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No security risk

Most server information that you want to monitor is shielded from the outside world for security reasons. That is why we have built a safe bridge between your server and Semonto. This way, your own server executes the test and communicates the results to us through a secure communication bridge. Easy and safe!

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No software needed

Unlike other custom server monitoring solutions, Semonto does not require you to download any third-party software. Our agentless monitoring happens through a secure communication bridge between your server and our dashboard.

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Customizable to your needs

Not only the tests can be adapted to your needs, but you can also customize the dashboard. It offers a clear overview, even if you have a large number of monitors. Tags can be used for easier filtering, and groups help you to manage and edit settings for multiple monitors at the same time.

What you can use it for

Here are some examples of what custom tests can be used for

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To check the logs of external APIs to make sure that they are still performing the way they should.

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Amount of traffic

To monitor the traffic on your app (calls per minute) and be alerted when you are reaching a threshold.

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Internal status

To follow the status of your internal server and monitor the inode limit.

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To get the last synchronization date of a server.

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To know the number of active agents and the last activity.

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To make sure that a certain program (such as anti-virus) is still running and has recently been updated.

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And any other server monitor you can imagine.

Get started in minutes

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Create a secure line of communication

Our monitoring is agentless, so it does not require a software agent to be installed on your server. You simply run a small application in your current stack and provide us with the URL of this installation. Semonto will send requests to this URL to get the latest test results. This access can be limited to the IPs of Semonto for an extra layer of security.

Test anything you want

You can now create your own test, which we will execute by sending an HTTP GET request to your server, using the “test name” as the parameter. The alert severity levels are "ok", "warning", "critical" or "error" and you can assign the corresponding values, such as the percentage of available disk space, or the latency time. Your own server then executes the test and send us the reply.

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Browser window bar

Get the results in your dashboard

The results of your tests are displayed in your Semonto dashboard. So everything comes together in one, clear overview.

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