Server monitoring

Use Semonto to test the availability of your business-critical servers. If something affects their performance, Semonto alerts you immediately so you can respond quickly and avoid any interruption of your services.

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Avoid interruption of your services

The success of your online services depends on the happiness of your end users. If your servers fail, your users are immediately affected. That is why efficient server monitoring is important. With Semonto, you get all parameters at one glance and receive instant notifications of any performance issues. This way, you stay in control and your end users can enjoy your services without interruptions.

Philip Verbist
Founder of

We needed a way to know exactly when our servers were down without getting a lot of false positives. Semonto came to the rescue. They check our servers every 5 minutes. When a test fails, they first verify from another location before notifying us. It works like a charm!

Why you need server monitoring

To prevent incidents

It is always easier to fix a small issue early on than to clean up a huge mess when something has spiralled out of control. With Semonto, you are warned immediately. This way, you can act proactively and nip server outages in the bud.

To feel confident

No need to worry when you go home. Semonto will notify you if anything happens. No need to keep a list of periodical checks either. Semonto will do it all automatically. You can relax and feel confident that everything is under control.

To improve productivity

The server is the beating heart of any organization. Even the smallest interruption will cause a dramatic drop in productivity levels. After being distracted by an outage, it generally takes people 23 minutes to get back into focus.

How it works

Get reassured that your servers are available

Perform ping and latency tests and port checks to make sure that your servers are healthy and responsive.

Monitor their performance 24/7

Keep an eye on server load, database connection, storage capacity to prevent any performance issues in the future.

Easily customize your settings

Manage the testing frequency, alert settings and more to meet your specific testing requirements.

A variety of testing options

Server availability tests

These tests verify if your server is reachable and if it responds quickly to requests. Port tests allow you to check if certain ports are open for requests.

  • Ping and latency test
  • Port tests

Extended tests

If you install a small bridge on your server Semonto can perform some test for which there is normally no external access. This bridge allows you to monitor for example server load, disk usage or memory load.

  • Load tests
  • Storage capacity
  • Database connection
  • PHP/ASP/Ruby-On-Rails/Golang

Custom tests

With this 'bridge' running on your server, you can also implement custom tests, tests written for your specific needs. You can for example perform tests on:

  • Monitoring queues
  • Running processes
  • Creating custom logs
  • Watching events

Save time with these smart settings

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Easy sorting tags

When you monitor a large number of servers, tagging them can make it easier to filter views to show only the status of the servers that you need at that moment.
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Group alert settings

For each monitor, you can decide who gets alerted of incidents and how (for example by mail, text message or push notification) You can sort your monitors into groups and then define the alert settings for an entire group. This is much easier than managing these settings individually.
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Browser window bar

Clear overview & reporting

Semonto keeps a clear overview of all executed tests. With our monthly uptime reports, user-friendly calendar overview and log books, you are always sure to have the correct information at the click of a button.
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