NEW: How to create a website audit report (beta)

What if you could perform a website audit and receive the performance results in a PDF report? In this article, we'll show you how it's done.

Jelle De Laender 17 June 2022

One of our Semonto users reached out with a feature request. “I want to be able to send all my clients a monthly PDF report showing their website performance.” We love getting input like that, so after validating the request, we went straight to work. The result is a free PDF website audit report that you can download, print, and share.

The benefits of a website audit report

As it turns out, a website performance report can be useful in many situations:

  • You can use it as a starting point to get an idea of the general health of a website.
  • You can create them for clients as a free service
  • You can download it every month to document progress over time.
  • Web developers, agencies or SEO consultants can send it to clients as a part of a maintenance package.
  • In-house marketers can use it as an action list to forward technical issues to the web support team.

What it looks like

The report summarizes the technical performance of a selected website (or multiple websites) within a certain period. Inside the PDF document, you will find the monthly uptime percentage, the number of broken links, the cases of mixed content, and any other technical warnings or errors that require your attention.

Screenshot of the first section from a uptime report

How to create a website audit report

If you have a Semonto subscription, this new feature is added automatically without any additional cost. When you log in, the download button will appear for the website you have selected in the dashboard.

screenshot of semonto with the pdf download button

Semonto will audit your website for free

If you are not yet familiar with Semonto, get started with a free trial. It gives you the time to try out all the features and generate a free report for your website. Any questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to help!

No credit card required. Cancel anytime. No automatic renewal after the trial.

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